Agriculture, industry and tourism Fajr Safa Lorestan

Animal Husbandry

Sheep breeding chain

One of the fields of activity of Safaraf Lorestan is research, development and production in various fields of animal husbandry. Today, with the efforts of experts and consultants, the light livestock breeding project (a combination of the Romanov breed and the local breed) has been successfully completed, and thus the livestock of the region and the country is on the verge of a great change.

Breeding herds

Fajr Safa Company, in order to achieve the goals of the National Plan for Breeding and Breeding of Sheep, the urgent need of the country for highly productive livestock and also a pre-determined program, has implemented a sheep breeding plan. Today, Safafarm Research and Development Unit has been able to use the latest techniques in the world and with the advice of local experts and foreign consultants, by combining Romanov breed and native breed (Lori), a high-yield mixed breeding and stabilization breed with a final herd size of 10,000 livestock. Establish the generator with the following production characteristics.

Characteristics of a hybrid breed

Breeding herd in terms of the number of livestock available (currently 5,000 females), the number of advanced generations, stands and equipment, breeding system and recording and recording information, quarantine facilities and health standards, scientific and technical system supported and used as It is the first herd of its kind in the country.

Herd of sheep

This herd will be created with the use of surplus ewes of breeding herds with a capacity of 20,000 productive heads. The purpose of breeding this herd is to produce fast-growing broilers (350-400 g / day in the fattening period) with carcass quality suitable for healthy and tasty meat suitable for consumers’ tastes, using the genetic capabilities of the new breed and the breed of rams used according to Breeding programs are designated.

On the other hand, the conditions of keeping sheep in terms of healthy nutrition and other hygienic points and minimizing animal stress have made the meat produced in Fajr Safa Complex a very healthy and pleasant meat.

Dimensions of livestock projects

Bee breeding

Today, beekeeping and related industries are one of the most attractive and specialized agricultural fields. In Safaakofarm, the combination of new methods of scientific beekeeping with the pristine and prone nature of Lorestan, has led to the breeding of a generation of bees that are more productive and their honey quality is among the highest quality honeys in Iran due to its dreamy flavor. Fajr Safa bee colonies are migrated to the temperate regions of the Zagros region throughout the year to reach the consumers of this popular product, as one of the highest quality honeys produced in Iran, with about 1.5% sucrose, as one of the highest quality honeys produced in Iran.
Safa Ecofarm is now one of the most specialized beekeeping authorities in Iran, which, while producing honey and other related products annually, can share its knowledge and experience in this field with other producers.

Beekeeping projects

Another area of activity of Fajr Safa Agriculture, Industry and Tourism Company is beekeeping with a scientific and research approach. This process has caused honey and other products related to bees to be marketed in the Fajr Safa complex with the highest quality today.

Apiary unit with a capacity of 1000 colonies, annual production of 10 tons of natural honey, production of one ton of pollen per year, production of 100 kg of royal jelly per year, production of 1 kg of bee venom per year, production of one ton of beeswax per year, use of modern scientific methods and processes