Agriculture is the most important activity of Safa Farm. Our specialists, experts, and staff have been active in various fields and achieved significant progress in producing high-quality and healthy products.

The Main Agriculture Projects of Safa Farm:

Cultivation of tomatoes

Tomato is one of the important agricultural products that can be produced and marketed throughout the year. Also, the export of agricultural products such as tomatoes can be very economical for our country.
For this reason, this crop is of special importance in Safa Farm.
The use of quality raw materials, as well as the beauty and durability of packaging, is one of the most important points for exporting this product abroad, which encourages the customer to buy.

Today, Safa Safarom tomato product, with the highest quality in the world markets, is a serious competitor for the products of other producing countries.


Cultivation of sweet pepper

At present, 5 hectares of hydroponic greenhouses of Safa Agriculture and Industry Complex are dedicated to the cultivation of sweet peppers. Pepper produced in Fajr Safa farm is one of the rare species of this product that is cultivated for the first time in Iran and one of its most important features can be the sweet pepper of one of the valuable and best-selling crops in the world. We produce this popular product using the latest scientific methods and the most modern agricultural equipment and send it to the world markets. It is rich in vitamins and minerals. Everyone who has even consumed Safarafar pepper product has experienced a new and unforgettable taste and quality.

Creating high quality, sustainable and healthy products is the pride of Fajr Safa Agriculture and Industry.

Hydroponic Greenhouses

One of the major facilities at Safa Farm is our high-tech hydroponic greenhouses. This unique structure called “Dutch Venlo” is one of the best of its kind. With this system, we are able to produce various types of fresh fruits & vegetables within a soil-less culture, under an isolated area with a modern climate control system, all over the year.
A sustainable production is a result of two key factors; optimum use of natural resources and competitive finished cost.
Today, consuming safe & chemical-free products is of high importance. Implementation of integrated pest and disease management (IPM) and natural predators has resulted in minimizing the application of chemicals and Safa Farm is delighted to deliver high-quality products with unique taste and flavor.


Medicinal Plants

Today, due to the side effects of chemical drugs, the effect of medicinal plants on public health has been proven more than ever. Accordingly, the cultivation and planting of medicinal plants in the future will have a clear perspective.
Due to the importance of this issue and in line with agricultural development, Safa Agriculture and Industry Company has created a suitable platform for growing and producing various medicinal plants according to the capacity and potentials of the province as well as suitable climatic conditions to Take steps to ensure the health of the people of our beloved country.
Safaakofarm Group is proud to produce and market a significant share of medicinal plants, including these plants, by employing specialized experts.

Khuzestani savory plant
Thyme garden plant
Shirazi thyme plant