Fajr Safa Lorestan Products

The largest production, research and tourism complexes in Iran and the Middle East

This large and modern complex, today, by conducting scientific studies and researches and specialized studies, has designed and implemented several projects in various sectors of agriculture, animal husbandry and tourism, based on technology analysis and market monitoring with an international approach and hopes for accurate and Support the people and officials to achieve the ideals of agriculture and animal husbandry, knowledge-based and competitive in the country. We are committed and determined to preserve and improve natural resources and the environment, and to respect the rights of citizens and employees, to help increase production and employment in the country and the localization of modern technologies in the country.

With a knowledge-based approach, it has considered utilizing the potential capacities and talents of this region of the country as its mission.


The extensive orchards of Safa Agro-industry and Tourism Company cover a large part of the complex. Agronomists in these orchards try to adapt the superior varieties of seedlings to the region’s climatic conditions through scientific methods and to supply high-quality, tasty, healthy, and fruitful fruits to the internal and external markets.

Such a process results in the production of fruits that today are welcome in various markets, and can transform the country’s agriculture.

Medicinal Herbs

Lorestan Agro-Industrial Medicinal Herbs Unit started its activity in 2017, with two-year researches, and since 2019, has made them implemented.

The Agro-Industrial Medicinal Herbs Unit consists of three sections:



The tomato is one of the most important agricultural products, with the ability to produce and supply to the market throughout the year.

In addition, the export of agricultural products such as tomatoes can be much more economical for our country.

This is why this product is so important in Safa Eco Farm.

Using high-quality raw materials, and also using beautiful and durable packaging, are among the most important points of exporting this product abroad, which encourages the customer to buy.


At present, 5 hectares of hydroponic greenhouses of Safa Agro industrial Company are dedicated to the cultivation of bell peppers.The Produced peppers in Safa farms are one of the rare species of this product, which is cultured for the first time in Iran. Bell peppers are one of the most valuable and best-selling crops in the world. We cultured this popular product, using the latest scientific methods, and the most modern agricultural equipment, and offer it to the world markets. Bell peppers’ unique taste, uniform shape and size, high growth, and strong and fruitful plants, have provided the conditions for extensive export of this nutritious product, rich in vitamins and minerals are among its most important features.

All those who have eaten the Safa Farm peppers have experienced a new and extraordinary taste and quality.

Production of high-quality, sustainable, and healthy products, is among the honors of Safa Agro industrial Company.


Red Meat

The goal of breeding this herd is to produce fast-growing meat breed lambs (350-400 g/day during the fattening period), high-quality carcass, healthy and delicious meat suitable for consumers’ tastes, using the genetic capabilities of the new breed, and breed of rams used, according to designated breeding programs. On the other hand, the conditions of keeping sheep regarding healthy nutrition, and paying attention to other health standards, and minimizing animals’ stress, has made healthy and pleasant the meat produced in Safa Company.


Today, beekeeping and related industries are among the most attractive and specialized agricultural fields. In Safa Eco Farm, the combination of new methods of scientific beekeeping and the pristine and prone nature of Lorestan has led to the breeding of a generation of bees, which are both more productive, and the quality of their honey, due to its dreamy flavor, is among the highest-quality Persian honey. During the year, Safa bee colonies migrate to the temperate regions of the Zagros region, in order to provide the honey of the mountain forty plants, as one of the highest quality honey produced in Iran, with about 1.5% sucrose, for the consumers of this popular product.


Biological pest control agents

Today, the issue of improper use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides has become one of the biggest challenges in the process of agricultural production. The vast majority of experts and specialists in agricultural and health sciences consider the use of these substances to endanger the health of billions of people on the planet and harm the environment.
A safe way to reduce pesticides and chemical fertilizers is to use pesticides in the agricultural production process. Safa Agriculture and Industry Company is proud to have reduced the use of fertilizers and pesticides to zero by using the most advanced scientific methods, including the breeding of pest-eating insects. Today, the products produced in Safaakofarm are free of any chemical toxins, and this feature has made the domestic and foreign markets very popular with these healthy and high-quality products.
With the localization of macrolofos production technology and other hunting traditions, Safa Agriculture and Industry is ready to meet the needs of its production lines, as well as other production units.


Pollination is a very important process in the cycle of plant reproduction and production in orchards, farms and greenhouses. Insects such as bees can usually help farmers produce more and better crops by helping with this process.
In modern agriculture, however, it is the bumblebees that carry out this important mission because of their unique characteristics.
Bumblebees are much more suitable tools for pollination due to their higher pollen transfer power, less violence, less sensitivity to hive movement and weather conditions, and many other characteristics.
Raising and using bumblebees is one of Safaakofarm strategies to increase the quantity and quality of agricultural production.